Awards and Series

Explanation of CheerTime Athletics SERIES

CheerTime Athletics is searching for the overall winners of our Series!

  • Teams who compete in 3 or more CheerTime Athletics Extravaganza competitions are eligible for the Series Champions.
  • Series Champions are determined by the combination of their best TWO Extravaganza  scores (25% of each) combined with their final Championship score (50%)
  • All Series Champions will receive CHAMPIONSHIP T-SHIRTS

Awards at Every Competition

  • All 1st-3rd Place receives trophies!
  • Jump and Tumble Individual Awards


Team Placement

  • General Team Placement- 1st-3rd place will be awarded in all divisions. If there are more than 3 teams in a division they will be recognized as “Participation”
  • Competing against a score – In the event that a team is competing in a division with no other teams, a team must receive 75% or higher of the total possible score to be awarded 1st
  • In the event of a tie- the winner shall be determined by the team with the least amount of “Deductions.” If that does not break the tie, then the team that has the highest score in the “Performance” Category is the division winner. If the tie remains because of identical totals in “Performance” Category, the team will tie.