Warm-Up and Additional Rules


Performance surface: Is a 54 feet wide by 42 feet deep carpeted foam (1 3/8” thickness) mat.

Warm Up surface:  42 feet wide by 42 feet deep carpeted foam (1 3/8” thickness) mat.


ALL Building Teams should follow the rules listed on the USA Cheer/AACCA website (https://www.usacheer.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/2019-20-HS-Rules-Final-8-29-19.pdf)

ALL Non Building Teams should follow the rules list on the NFHS website (https://www.nfhs.org/sports-resource-content/spirit-rules-changes-2019/)

Entrance to floor


No Stunts or tumbling upon entering the floor. Entrance onto the mat is NOT judged. Props may be set up in advance. Squads can enter from any corner of the mat they wish.


The use of signs, flags, megaphones, and poms are permitted. No other props may be used without approval.

Routine Boundary

Squads may set up props and may perform outside the matted area but must begin routine on the floor. All tumbling or building must be performed ON matted surface.


All body jewelry is prohibited for cheer events. Post earrings or costume earrings are allowed.


Music may be on phone, iPod, etc. Please bring more than one source to play your music. A representative from your team MUST report to the DJ one group prior to your performance

Tumbling with poms

Hip over-head rotation skills with hand support are not allowed while holding poms in the supporting hand. (Exception: forward rolls and backward rolls are allowed).

Use of props

All props must be placed on the ground from waist level or below. You cannot “toss” or throw props.


Music should follow the USA Cheer Music Copyrights Educational Initiative and all sound recordings used in our team’s music shall only be used with written license from the owners(s) of the sound recordings. If you have any questions, cheer teams should email info@usacheer.net. Please check the Preferred Provider list for updates and changes periodically.




It is the ultimate goal of CheerTime Athletics provide a competitive atmosphere that is positive  and enjoyable for everyone involved and we expect that all coaches, athletes, and program parents and fans strive to show good sportsmanship throughout our events. Unsportsmanlike behavior will be determined by CTA staff and can result in a penalty or disqualification.